shear style

Simon Greaves

Simon Greaves opened Billy Shears hair salon in Bishop’s Cleeve in 2000 and his Prestbury-based salon followed three years later in 2003.

Already renowned for being an up-and-coming talent in his home town of Cheltenham, Simon quickly established a strong client base and the business has grown from strength to strength.

“It seems as though Billy Shears has not only attracted loyal and diverse clientele but also fantastic stylists from all over the county. I’ve been privileged to train around 20 stylists over the years and it’s great to watch them refine and develop their personal styles.

Clients of all ages are always made to feel welcome and I personally take time to become acquainted with them in both salons. Clients should expect any decent hair salon to offer consistently fantastic haircuts, but equally the service should be all about the client, not about a salon trying to show off, which can actually alienate people. Billy Shears has been created to be welcoming and a place that clients can feel at ease while our stylists work their magic. There’s no place I’d rather be!”